Think Like A Child: What The Sprout Refresh Is Teaching Us

Anyone who’s ever spent an afternoon with a young child knows that while kids love engaging with classic fairytale and popular superhero narratives, they will always tap into their imaginations to add their own twists. Even though children are constantly exposed to pre-scripted narratives, they are often brilliant (and self-sufficient) storytellers. Give them a blanket, and they’ve got a cape, a secret fort or a ship sailing across “molten lava” carpet.

For our recent refresh of Sprout, we found the network was a perfect example of this. Sprout encourages kids to stretch their imaginations — finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and it gave us an opportunity to tell their story in the same way, basing our branding around how the familiar becomes fascinating through the eyes of a child. In this crowded children’s entertainment market, the refresh was a great reminder that even the most well-known or action-packed characters and content can’t stand in for a brand’s story.

So, tapping into our core elements of storytelling, we honed in what the brand really stood for and what core attributes we could point to when building off each of the pieces of narrative; in this case, authenticity and imagination. Kids have real everyday experiences and it’s their viewpoint and wild minds that transform those daily interactions into something unique and exciting. Or as MoMA’s Juliet Kinchin wrote of the interaction between children and design, Children help us to mediate between the ideal and the real.”

Our company mantra is Think Like A Tourist, which is essentially resetting your thinking so you’re open to new sights, knowledge and experiences. But, after our great collaboration with Sprout, Think Like A Child is a strong runner-up!

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