Part 1: Crowdfunding Basics

Crowd funding or crowdfunding is a term we’ve been hearing a lot lately, especially as it relates to funding new business startups or supporting causes that matter to you. It describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually online, to back efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Essentially, crowdfunding connects “crowds” directly to those who need funds.

So, what are the pros & cons of using crowdfunding? Oishii weighs in:

• A low barrier of entry for both entrepreneurs and investors alike.
• A shift to smarter and more creative ideas gaining access to capital; it’s not just the rich getting richer or “who you know”
• More, better ideas are coming to market.

• Fraudulent and potentially crazy ideas could be funded
• Investors don’t always have access to proper due diligence to properly understand all the risks associated with the investment
• Entrepreneurs have less skin in the game and investors have little retribution


Promaxbda throws down a dare


Promaxbda Keynote
Larry Flynt, often vilified for his products, inspires through the strength of his convictions. Reviled by most and shot by a man who believed America needed less freedom and more coercion, we salute the tenacity of those who dare to inspire.


Get Ready for Some Oishii Augmented-Reality Deliciousness at the PromaxBDA Conference!

We can’t give away anything just yet… Keeping up with the theme of this year’s PromaxBDA Conference, “Engage,” we put together new and cool technologies to work for us — and to inspire our clients.

To properly prepare for this visual feast, please download the Aurasma app onto your smartphone, get comfortable with it — and see what happens this week.

PromaxBDA Teaser_small


PromaxBDA 2013 Survival Guide

Best Places to Eat & Meet:

The New Moon (Chinese) – Famous for their chicken salad
Sugarfish (Japanese)
Bäco Mercat (Spanish, Sandwiches)
Mo-Chica (Peruvian)
Drago Centro (Italian)
Spice the Table (Singaporean, Vietnamese)
Lemonade (American) – Great for a healthy & quick lunch
Spring St. Coffee – Great coffee, though not necessarily a good meeting place
Bottega Louie (Italian, Bakeries) – Lively lunch / dinner spot, but loud atmosphere
Bar AMA (Tex Mex)
Wooden Spoon (Brazilian) – Casual lunch
Spring St. Bar – Drinks
Church & State (French) – Amazing food for dinner
Mignon (Tapas, Drinks)
Haru Ulala (Japanese) – Good for dinner
Wurstkuche – Casual sausage place; good for quick informal lunch

Plan Ahead…Which Sessions Are Worth Attending?

PromaxBDA is not to be missed. But deciding which panel, talk or discussion to attend requires tactical thinking, not to mention logistics and planning. Most of us don’t have the luxury of attending every panel (we certainly wish we could!) because there are meetings to take, lunches to host, and dinners and parties. Here is our strategy for squeezing it all into your busy schedule:

  • Have the right perspective. Think of the many PromaxBDA panels in terms of your process every day. It comes down to numbers, process, people and you.
  • The “State of the Industry” talk is never to be missed. Look for clues about industry changes and anticipate your place in the big picture.
  • Panels about statistics or demographics are more than big data or numbers, they provide insight about audiences; what they like and care about.
  • “How-To” talks focused on the process of generating creative content or design are usually useful for refining your personal creation techniques or learning from others.
  • Talks about entrepreneurship or professional growth are motivating and valuable investments of your time. Take time to consciously pay attention to your passions and career path, are they aligned?

Conference Standards & “Should Sees”:

  • Keynote: A Conversation with Larry Flynt (need we say more?)
  • Headliners
  • State of Design
  • New Best Practices 2013, an annual favorite presented by Lee Hunt
  • Measuring the Binge Viewer: Fad or Future?
  • The Real Mad Men: Renegades of the Golden Age of Advertising
  • Shaken, Not Stirred: 50 Years of Bond
  • Beauty Is Embarrassing: Screening & Discussion
  • Inventing Your Own Next Chapter: Lessons in Entrepreneurship, Risk-Taking & Going Out On Your Own
  • Horror Stories: Nightmare Campaigns & How They Were Turned Around
  • Whichever sessions your boss decides to attend
  • Topics that are farthest removed from what you do

How To Crash A Party

  • Act like you’re supposed to be there
  • Sneak in with a crowd
  • Borrow someone’s wristband
  • Trade a kiss for a wristband
  • Call “their” assistant
  • Say you’re the owner of a high-profile European network
  • Be friendly (or flirt) with the bouncer or whoever is managing the guest list
  • Go in through the fire escape
  • Use “Creative” in your title
  • Say that you’re invited by Robert Gottlieb from FOX

Escape from PromaxBDA: What To See While In Town

  • The Stanley Kubrick Exhibit @ LACMA
  • California Science Center: Here’s your chance to see the new Space Shuttle Endeavor pavilion
  • LA Live, Nokia Theater and Staples Center host many musical acts. Check their websites for a list of featured artists and schedules.

Getting Around

The Conference is located at LA Live, which is the entertainment center of Downtown LA. There are plenty of places to see and eat around here. Just keep in mind that Downtown is not particularly walking-friendly and the blocks are quite long, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

LA Live is also a touristy area, so there will be plenty of taxicabs available or you can catch the Metro Rail or public transportation:

Better yet, keep your eyes peeled for the Oishii-branded van.






The F Word: Live It!

Every day, making mistakes on a project, at a meeting or even in your business is critical for future success. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re probably not taking risks, stretching your limits and pushing yourself or your business beyond what you think is possible. Making mistakes takes you closer to success. In Silicon Valley, this is called calculated risk-taking and it radically disrupts the power of “failure” and makes it into an opportunity for learning.

According to NYT writer Sariska Bansal, many investors look at failure as a positive when making decisions. “If you’re not failing… you’re not considered to be innovative enough…” We agree. So fail “out loud” and fail “forward!”



Innovators Find New Ways To Think

The Duryea Brothers

The Duryea Brothers

Over a hundred years ago this month, the Duryea brothers built one of the first one-cylinder automobiles. Charles & Frank Duryea were innovators and entrepreneurs, but like so many talented people, they were beat to the market by others. For most of their lives, the Duryea brothers came to resent their lack of fame compared to the veritable Henry Ford.

Amongst themselves, the brothers were also embroiled in a bitter legal battle over who had actually built the first car. The dispute ended only with older brother Charles’ death in 1938. Instead of wasting time and energy on fighting, harboring resentment, and continually defining themselves against their betters, what if they charted a new course, embracing their role as early adopters and finding new ways to apply their skills to new projects and possibilities? Imagine what their passion for innovation could have yielded then?