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Taking Sports Branding Strategy Off The Field

As we’ve said before, we’re big believers in finding inspiration outside your comfort zone, using each new project to stretch our creative boundaries and imaginations while learning new skills and concepts. While Oishii is certainly no stranger to the world of sports branding, strategy and design, we were thrilled when PromaxBDA’s Brief recently gave us the opportunity to reflect on what that competitive landscape can teach marketers in all areas of entertainment.

Head over to Brief to read our take on how the world of sports can help guide your branding playbook.


What TV Cultural Norms Can We Learn From The World Cup?

World CupThe Oishii office has been bustling with World Cup conversations. With staff members from Germany to Mexico to England to Peru, everyone has a story to share; a team and player nuances passionately mapped on the whiteboard.

In a recent NPR program, guest Felix Sanchez raised questions about what he perceived to be the racist or culturally offensive remarks made by Univision game announcers during the World Cup. Sanchez, who champions the Hispanic voice and perspective in media and culture, also raises awareness about the lack of inclusivity in content we consume.

During certain World Cup games, Sanchez argued that the racist and otherwise off-color remarks, such as “morena” and grena,” showed a lack of respect for certain players, and reflected racist perceptions about “dark skinned” peoples. While some audiences may grit their teeth and laugh off the bravado, he pointed out that other audiences might be insulted by such racially charged language. Reactions to Sanchez’s comments have fueled further outcry, forcing him to defend his criticisms:

Again, the issue is not how you have used the word “moreno” and “greña,” but how it was used in the context of this broadcast. Here the sportscaster had been calling all the players by their last names, but when it came to the Afro Latino player, he referred to him by the color of skin and gratuitously focused on his hair, essentially he said: “the black guy with the dreds.” That kind of double standard commentary is not acceptable and at a minimum raises issue of fairness and respect to Afro Latino players, and at a maximum reinforces a classist/racist/ mentality.

We think it’s important to look at the World Cup less as a spectator sport more as a moment of television cultural anthropology. How television, culture and sport are symbolic and real “screens” onto which we can see audience values, tastes, opinions and ideas intersecting and influencing one another. How cultures merge and where conversations happen. The World Cup is a great opportunity to see how television works in very powerful ways. In the United States, television audiences reflect demographic trends. Audiences are increasingly diverse and bring with them their experiences and ideologies. With this diversity comes convergence, and merging is not without its conflicts and happy accidents. Rather than label announcers, perhaps we should embrace the chaos and sit without judging. Observe and truly understand the importance of audiences in the new local-global television scape.

What are your thoughts on Sanchez’s argument? What role / responsibility do you think TV should play in this case?


PromaxBDA: The Conference 2013 Recap In Photos

PromaxBDA Elite Member Party, co-sponsored by Oishii

PromaxBDA Elite Party
L – R: Our fabulous rep, Astra Dorf of Astra Reps!, Sterling Hawkins (Oishii Consumer Experience Specialist & Business Development) & Ish Obregon (Oishii President/ Creative Director)

Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA
Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA
Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA
Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA

When Drinks, Hijinks and Photos Mix…
The Oishii-branded photo booth at the Elite Member Party, courtesy of technology partner SOOH Media

Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA

The results!


The Kid In The Wild

The Oishii Kid leaves his mark around the PromaxBDA Conference, including the opening night party at the Science Center with the Endeavour Space Shuttle, a decadent dinner at Wolfgang Puck at LA Live and a view of Staples Center.

The Kid_Endeavour
The Kid_Wolfgang Puck
The Kid_Staples Center

The Conference

Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA

Keynote with Larry Flynt, interviewed by Cindy Gallop
Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA

Creative Keynote by Gary Baseman
Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA

“State of Design” Talk by STASH’s Stephen Price
PromaxBDA State of Design
Some of the most mind-blowing design & animation work from around the world… makes us inspired to get our hands dirty!

“Beauty Is Embarrassing” Documentary
Wayne White & Ish Obregon
This irreverent documentary, directed by Neil Berkeley, takes us into the brilliant and prolific mind of one of America’s greatest artists / puppeteers / illustrators – not to mention a truly kind and friendly spirit — Wayne White. Here posing with Oishii’s Ish Obregon!

The Awards Show
Hosted by the ever-funny Jay Mohr
Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA

Mark Hamill accepting the Don LaFontaine Legacy Award recognizing his work as a voice actor.
Photo courtesy of PromaxBDA


PromaxBDA 2013 Survival Guide

Best Places to Eat & Meet:

The New Moon (Chinese) – Famous for their chicken salad
Sugarfish (Japanese)
Bäco Mercat (Spanish, Sandwiches)
Mo-Chica (Peruvian)
Drago Centro (Italian)
Spice the Table (Singaporean, Vietnamese)
Lemonade (American) – Great for a healthy & quick lunch
Spring St. Coffee – Great coffee, though not necessarily a good meeting place
Bottega Louie (Italian, Bakeries) – Lively lunch / dinner spot, but loud atmosphere
Bar AMA (Tex Mex)
Wooden Spoon (Brazilian) – Casual lunch
Spring St. Bar – Drinks
Church & State (French) – Amazing food for dinner
Mignon (Tapas, Drinks)
Haru Ulala (Japanese) – Good for dinner
Wurstkuche – Casual sausage place; good for quick informal lunch

Plan Ahead…Which Sessions Are Worth Attending?

PromaxBDA is not to be missed. But deciding which panel, talk or discussion to attend requires tactical thinking, not to mention logistics and planning. Most of us don’t have the luxury of attending every panel (we certainly wish we could!) because there are meetings to take, lunches to host, and dinners and parties. Here is our strategy for squeezing it all into your busy schedule:

  • Have the right perspective. Think of the many PromaxBDA panels in terms of your process every day. It comes down to numbers, process, people and you.
  • The “State of the Industry” talk is never to be missed. Look for clues about industry changes and anticipate your place in the big picture.
  • Panels about statistics or demographics are more than big data or numbers, they provide insight about audiences; what they like and care about.
  • “How-To” talks focused on the process of generating creative content or design are usually useful for refining your personal creation techniques or learning from others.
  • Talks about entrepreneurship or professional growth are motivating and valuable investments of your time. Take time to consciously pay attention to your passions and career path, are they aligned?

Conference Standards & “Should Sees”:

  • Keynote: A Conversation with Larry Flynt (need we say more?)
  • Headliners
  • State of Design
  • New Best Practices 2013, an annual favorite presented by Lee Hunt
  • Measuring the Binge Viewer: Fad or Future?
  • The Real Mad Men: Renegades of the Golden Age of Advertising
  • Shaken, Not Stirred: 50 Years of Bond
  • Beauty Is Embarrassing: Screening & Discussion
  • Inventing Your Own Next Chapter: Lessons in Entrepreneurship, Risk-Taking & Going Out On Your Own
  • Horror Stories: Nightmare Campaigns & How They Were Turned Around
  • Whichever sessions your boss decides to attend
  • Topics that are farthest removed from what you do

How To Crash A Party

  • Act like you’re supposed to be there
  • Sneak in with a crowd
  • Borrow someone’s wristband
  • Trade a kiss for a wristband
  • Call “their” assistant
  • Say you’re the owner of a high-profile European network
  • Be friendly (or flirt) with the bouncer or whoever is managing the guest list
  • Go in through the fire escape
  • Use “Creative” in your title
  • Say that you’re invited by Robert Gottlieb from FOX

Escape from PromaxBDA: What To See While In Town

  • The Stanley Kubrick Exhibit @ LACMA
  • California Science Center: Here’s your chance to see the new Space Shuttle Endeavor pavilion
  • LA Live, Nokia Theater and Staples Center host many musical acts. Check their websites for a list of featured artists and schedules.

Getting Around

The Conference is located at LA Live, which is the entertainment center of Downtown LA. There are plenty of places to see and eat around here. Just keep in mind that Downtown is not particularly walking-friendly and the blocks are quite long, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

LA Live is also a touristy area, so there will be plenty of taxicabs available or you can catch the Metro Rail or public transportation:

Better yet, keep your eyes peeled for the Oishii-branded van.