Are You A Storyteller or Storymaker?

We love stories. We believe stories are powerful ways of communicating with the world. But have you ever really told your story? Do you incorporate your story into your company, mission and brand?  At Oishii, we make a distinction between those who tell and those who make stories. Knowing your history, values, passions, narrative and even characters, is the first and important step toward becoming a story maker; someone who takes their story and shapes it into a unique standard for the world. This is a story others want to hear, share and aspire to.

You’ve got to dare to tell…
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Do You Know Your Story?

You have ideas, technology and investors… but do you know your story?


Oishii’s own consumer behavior specialist Sterling Hawkins was recently profiled by NewsWire on his work through Maverick Angels, an entity that takes an entrepreneurial approach to angel investing. Last year, the company invested in no fewer than 11 startup businesses, of which the largest group worked in software or the Internet.
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