LAIKA Dynamic Type

Type has always been something rigid. We chose from a few steps of weight. Type is either serifed or san-serifed. Italic is either on or off. This experimentation opens the door to typographic control as an open spectrum. We now have thousands of weights, serifs can subtly grow from san-serif type. This experiment opens the door to an infinitely wide space of possibilities.

Even more interesting is the marriage of these variables to interactivity. Type can get bolder as people walk by or in response to loud noises. The possibilities are endless. There is an interactive sample you can try here.


AFI DigiFest at Mann Chinese Theater

We were proud to donate our time to help the AFI Digital Content Lab and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation showcase their recent online strategy for engaging youth in a series of relevant environmental action challenges. For nearly twelve years, the AFI Digital Content Lab has been the premier R&D incubator for new forms of digital entertainment and cross-platform engagement opportunities. We worked with other volunteer mentors on the project including, Irmelin DiCaprio (CEO & Founder of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation), David Gale (EVP New Media at MTV), Matt Wolf (founder of Double20, a gaming company) and Philippe Cousteau (Co-Founder Earth Echo) to name a few. The strategy developed uses the power of distributed content across the many platforms that are now available (Twitter, Facebook, Ning, etc) via multiple partner organizations.


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