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Moore’s Law and Digital Production

Moore’s law states that every two years, technology doubles in power. This principle can be seen in several areas including video production, where for the first time, the worlds of consumer electronics and professional production are colliding. Perhaps the most significant development in bringing top quality video to the masses was Canon’s decision to support video shooting in its prosumer SLRs. This feature means that all the control of photography, including depth-of-field and interchangeable lenses are now available for far less than the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars such effects would cost prior.

Companies have sprung up selling accessories to support early adopting professionals. Oishii has itself picked up camera rigs like the one in the video above. It is now possible to shoot many projects faster, better and cheaper than ever before. Part of our philosophy is to constantly watch emerging tools and trends and look for opportunities to bring them to our clients’ projects.

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