NFL Network | On-Air Package Design

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NFL Network Package Design
Representing the Players and Coaches Network


Oishii Creative worked closely with NFL Network to develop a new on-air package for the TV network. The on-air system consists of menus, pop-ups, upper thirds, Network IDs, Thursday Night Football IDs and a promo toolkit. The clean, modern, flexible design showcases all the elements that make up America’s Game, including the league stars, images of the football and the iconic NFL shield. Coaches and players from teams across the NFL were texture-mapped and used as backgrounds for various pieces of the package. Match-up elements were also created to draw on the connections fans have with their favorite team. These elements consist of stylized players—outfitted in both home and away uniforms—which can be used head-to-toe or in close-up to create immediately readable match-ups. The iconic gloves with team logos formed by interlocking both palms, are also used to immediately connect the viewers with their team. As part of the package, a custom font was designed for on-air use, as well as in digital and print. Many of the on-air elements were created to be used across platforms as well. We also worked closely with NFL Network to develop an exciting mnemonic consisting of driving drum beats that are equally reminiscent of powerful gridiron hits and the heartbeats of anticipating fans. The package is easily updateable and reaffirms NFL Network as the sports entertainment leader.

  • Updateable On-Air System
  • Highlighting the Brand’s Strongest Assets
  • Unified Design Across Platforms