National Geographic | You Can’t Lick Your Own Elbow Graphics Package

show package / motion / strategy

You Wish You Could
Making a Sexy Classroom


We partnered with Authentic Entertainment to provide the main title and graphics package for National Geographic Channel’s launch of “You Can’t Lick Your Elbow.” The show explores the strange limitations of what the human body and mind can do—and our desire to surpass these boundaries. With Authentic, we created an environment for the open and the transitions where the host can connect with the audience. In this space, a large format chalkboard provides the background for the title logo and the various segments of the show represented by illustrations of the human body. The live action based graphic package gives this mind-bending show a contemporary artistic look.

  • Live Action, Stop Motion Shoot with Chalk Board Artists
  • Environmental Design and Composite
  • Internal Show Graphic Animation System