NFL Network Coach Promos

Football fans, are you eagerly awaiting “real” football, you know, the kind that’s played with your hands instead of your feet? Well, pre-season commences in just six weeks and, soon you’ll get to check out this year’s series of short films we’ve developed for the NFL Network featuring some of the NFL’s top head coaches.

Oishii Creative has worked with the NFL Network on other large-scale projects like this one, but it’s this series, in particular, that gives fans the chance to feel like they’re connecting on an intimate level with some of the head coaches they’ve come to love (or hate) over the years. After we developed the concept, story boards, messaging, and editorial for the promos, we brought in director Mark Pellington –who has shot music videos such as the one for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” and “Soul Mate” for Natasha Bedingfield and whose father was a lineman for the Indianapolis Colts – to capture the stories on film. To do so, he worked in tandem with NFL films, the division of the NFL that is dedicated to capturing football. We then stepped in again to edit and lay down the final effects on the promos.

This year, fans will see, among others, Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans, Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants, and Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles speaking openly about the game. And, if Detroit can manage any sort of comeback, maybe we’ll put in their head coach next year.  

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