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Oishii Creative & Steven Murashige Play Well Together

Creative Agency Oishii Creative and Director Steven Murashige have formed an alliance built on a longstanding working relationship and numerous projects together. Under this new partnership, Oishii and Murashige can collaborate in any capacity on commercial and broadcast work in the US and internationally. In addition to music videos for Rage Against the Machine and Incubus, the two have worked on promos for NFL Network and Nicktoons, a branding package for Epic Records, and ad campaigns for Ross.


Moore’s Law and Digital Production

Moore’s law states that every two years, technology doubles in power. This principle can be seen in several areas including video production, where for the first time, the worlds of consumer electronics and professional production are colliding. Perhaps the most significant development in bringing top quality video to the masses was Canon’s decision to support video shooting in its prosumer SLRs. This feature means that all the control of photography, including depth-of-field and interchangeable lenses are now available for far less than the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars such effects would cost prior.

Companies have sprung up selling accessories to support early adopting professionals. Oishii has itself picked up camera rigs like the one in the video above. It is now possible to shoot many projects faster, better and cheaper than ever before. Part of our philosophy is to constantly watch emerging tools and trends and look for opportunities to bring them to our clients’ projects.


What can we say, Mocap is awesome!

What can we say, Mocap is awesome! from Oishii Creative on Vimeo.

As many of you know, this technology helps to create more natural, realistic movement for CG characters… so we decided to try out and see who / what was out there and partnered with a studio that uses the PhaseSpace Motion Capture System. This cutting-edge mocap process relies on LEDs instead of old school reflective “ping pong balls,” resulting in killer raw data that is so precise, very little clean up is necessary, capturing even the most subtle motions like breathing. Not only that, this system is the same system used by the U.S. military, often “in the field”… now how cool is that? They also have a CG scanner we can’t wait to use!

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Oishii Completes Moby’s New Music Video

Last year we had the pleasure of working with accomplished director, Mark Pellington on our NFL Coach Promo Campaign. He recently called us to design the graphics for Moby’s latest video. The new single One Time We Lived comes from his latest album Wait for Me. Matt Roe was the DP.  


LAIKA Dynamic Type

Type has always been something rigid. We chose from a few steps of weight. Type is either serifed or san-serifed. Italic is either on or off. This experimentation opens the door to typographic control as an open spectrum. We now have thousands of weights, serifs can subtly grow from san-serif type. This experiment opens the door to an infinitely wide space of possibilities.

Even more interesting is the marriage of these variables to interactivity. Type can get bolder as people walk by or in response to loud noises. The possibilities are endless. There is an interactive sample you can try here.


Oishii Creative’s Ismael Obregon Featured on TV

Ismael Obregon, Founder of Oishii Creative, was recently profiled on American Latino. On the program he shares thoughts on the creative process, trends in broadcast and web design and his famous grandfather.



Interview with Steve Jobs on Paul Rand

In this interview, Steve Jobs describes the process of working with the late Paul Rand while at NEXT. Every logo exercise is unique, taking into account the circumstances surrounding the business. The great thing about Paul Rand was his interest in solving business problems through his playful sensibility.




Kinetic Sculptor Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen is a self described kinetic sculptor who creates incredible autonomous sculptures. Their movement is powered by the wind. His work breaks down the traditional barriers between art and engineering to make incredibly complex pieces which seem alive. His goal is to make them completely autonomous and let them loose in herds.

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