Building the Better In-Store Mobile Companion

Swirl screengrab

Mobile Insider’s Steve Smith recently wrote an article on how to build a better in-store mobile companion, specifically how apps, such as Swirl, will perform in retail locations including Kenneth Cole, Timberland and Alice and Ani stores in the coming months. Swirl uses an indoor Bluetooth broadcasting system that will engage opted-in customers as they enter the store with mobile content.

How will consumers respond to mobile content that’s designed to speak to an in-store experience? How much do shoppers actually want content pushed to their mobile devices?

Oishii weighs in on the topic:

The conversation is larger than just mobile being used in-store; it’s about connecting the online and offline world.

There needs to be an intuitive synergy between all channels: broadcast / cable, outdoor campaigns, mobile and in-store.

Everything comes down to value exchange. If retailers want shoppers using mobile in-store, it’s about providing the right value exchange to them. Something similar happened with airport check-in kiosks. Airlines wanted consumers using their kiosks to check in, and they slowly rolled out a value exchange to accomplish that goal.

Personalization is key to this effort to make sure that all the content that’s being pushed to you is relevant and timed appropriately for you. If personalization is successful, then the content isn’t an annoyance, it’s a helping hand and all part of that value exchange.

Inevitably, this whole question brings up the issue of privacy. Privacy is relative and driven by culture. People would have never have dreamed they would be putting their life story, pictures and relationship status on Facebook 10 years ago. Today, nearly everyone is taking part. Why? Because they saw enough value in the platform and as a result, changed the privacy culture.

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